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Laura: Rain delays

Western Kansas: The crew in western Kansas had about a day and a half off after the rain from the last post. Sitting was tough, but it did fall on the Fourth of July, so I guess it was divine timing for a break for the crew in that area.

They were back in the field Monday afternoon and we had a solid evening of cutting. The next day we were back at it. We were pushing moisture early on, but things soon dried out. The going was a bit slow due to lodged wheat and high yields. This part of western Kansas caught spring moisture at just the right time and the dryland fields we were cutting were going in the 70s. In fact, they were right up there with the yields under the pivot. The monitor showed patches of 80s, 90s, and even over 100 bushels per acre. Those are exciting numbers because the climate in this part of the world is a challenge.

Things were going well Tuesday afternoon until, you guessed it, the clouds began to form in the northwest and moved our direction. We dodged the first round, finished the field, and moved to the next. We thought the showers may slip past us, but they filled in. We filled one cart load off the field before the heavens let loose in a massive downpour. It was another race to the truck and a crazy muddy drive back to the blacktop.

Just doing the dang thing.

 Love this view.

Great yields and some lodged wheat make for slower speeds.

Overcast, but moisture is good and no drops yet.

There it is. The race is on.

Just a a little bit more … we can fill this cart.

Beautiful and so frustrating all at the same time.

Drowned rat mode.

Stevie is soaked too. Bless his heart, he ran back through the rain to help me grab a few things as I came out of the combine.

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