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Laura: You’ll never guess what happened … it rained.

Western Kansas: All the crews were cutting and that was a beautiful thing after all the weather delays.

At this point, stress levels were increasing rapidly. Jobs further north were very close to ready with the hot, dry weather in that region. We still had many acres left to cover on our current jobs due to the rain delays. Harvesters plan a run to meet their obligations to the farmers who incorporate us into their operations. We need them and they need us and we plan a run to be there accordingly. It is very difficult when you can see events unfolding and there are so many extreme factors are out of our control. Sometimes the best laid plans and good intentions go awry.

As I drove west with various parts in the car, clouds could be seen far off on the horizon. However, the rain chances were low, so things looked good for the time being. I dropped the parts at the field. I hopped in with Ryan, and we went down to southeast Colorado to visit the crew and pick up some equipment. While there, we could see the storm was heading south and was likely inevitable. We picked up the equipment and headed north. I was pulling a header and Ryan was in a semi. At Syracuse, the storm hit and I could barely see. With no place to safely pull off, I turned the rig onto a side street and back through town. I definitely felt all the dips on the streets and found a place to park and wait until the worst of the wind had passed. We resumed the trip north and a crazy lightning show left us wondering what the morning would look like in terms of cutting conditions. It’s hard to want to wish it away because the fall crops have been thriving, but it’s been wreaking havoc on the harvest side of things.

Eventually we were able to run through some acres and finished up in southeast Colorado and western Kansas. Machines then headed to northeast Colorado.

This part wins the size and weight category for today’s delivery.

Just waiting out the storm in southwest Kansas. It was super windy before the rains came in.

It was a late night and early morning. I was happy to support the local VFW to cook my my breakfast.

A couple “ghosts from harvest past” where out to help a few days. Thanks, guys.

What’s this? Bossman bringing me some requested snacks versus the other way around.

She always wants to drive. 

They had a great time at nana’s but I was glad to get them back. 

One of the three crews that have been working hard and rolling with the punches. Hopefully we can show the rest of the guys soon. We appreciate their hardwork and dedication this season.

Laura Haffner can be reached at laura@allaboardharvest.com.

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