Laura: Bucket list places

Glacier National Park, Montana—Harvest is work, but sometimes it puts you within striking distance of places you may not normally be able visit.

This has recently been the case.

Glacier National Park has long been on my bucket list. With harvest being earlier this year, coupled with the kids and I’s extended stay in Montana, we were finally able to make the trip and check this wonder off the list. Some of the highlights have been ranger programs, hiking by mountain goats, playing near waterfalls, glaciers, photographing the approximately 1,000,000 (my made up number) cute chipmunks that call the park home, watching a mama bear and her two cubs (from a distance) and a host of other animals the kids had previously seen only on TV or books.

With all the hype surrounding the park, I wondered if we would find it a bit overrated. However, this is far from the case. There are views that are hard to believe are real. I think our crew members would agree that it is definitely worth the trip if you are on the fence about visiting.

Below are a few photos from the park.

Thankful for my zoom lens. I wouldn’t want to get too close to these wild guys.

Pictures don’t do the scene justice.





















































One of the waterfalls we recently hiked to.

Evening approaches the park.

I wonder if this mountain goat realizes how lucky he is to live here.

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