Laura: The balance between two worlds

Kansas–Sometimes I feel like I live on two different worlds. Both are very real, but so very different. My worlds are that of home and on the road.

On the road, my time is governed by the crops, weather, sun and moon. At home, my time follows a more orderly calendar around deadlines, bell schedules, and generally neat and tidy-ish start and stop times.

On the road we will have three meals a day, at some point during the day. At home, breakfast is before school, lunch is during school hours, and supper is after school, between activities.

On the road, my bed moves from place to place and sometimes sways in the wind. At home, I know exactly where my bed will be and it doesn’t move. Well, except that one time we had an earthquake a few years ago.

On the road, every day looks different and is unpredictable. At home, there is more of a routine but also plenty of life surprises from time to time.

On the road, there are a set of rules, both spoken and unspoken, for survival during harvest season. At home, there are also rules for survival, but also many different social norms.

On the road, I’ve have made some great friends and had wonderful adventures. At home, I am also fortunate to have great friends and have had wonderful adventures.

The last few weeks these very unique worlds have collided as we finish up the school year and prepare for the upcoming season. Its a delicate balance and one I doubt I’ll ever completely balance flawlessly. Soon the home world will gradually fade as the miles stretch on, while those left behind will remain close in my heart and mind. And, all too soon, the season will conclude and I’ll be reunited with my home life while my road life will take its place in my memory until the wheat ripens once again.

Sunset in Montana.

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