Laura: The first moving day of the season!

Northwest Kansas: The first moving day of the season is one to behold. Actually, they all are, but the first is a little extra.

There is something about sound of motors firing up and the smell of diesel in the morning. I’m convinced that even after our final season is behind us, whenever that may be, I will be instantly transported back to harvest in my mind when I hear those sounds and smells in a parking lot somewhere!

Moving day can be one of mixed emotions. For some, the excitement is super high. The thought of hitting the open road drives images of adventure, challenges and new sights to be seen. For others, the day can invoke stress. Operating large equipment is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. There are somethings in the drivers control and much that is also out of their control. Getting the things in their control right is key for keeping themselves and those sharing the road safe.

It was an unseasonably cool morning when we saw the small, but mighty crew off to Texas. Unfortunately, our acres in the south were drastically cut due the drought that is plaguing the western midwest and western United States. However, that didn’t mean “the big day” should have any less fanfare! The children helped make goodie bags for the team for their trip south. We watched them do pre-trips and cheered them from a safe place on the side of the road as they left town.

While the convoy looked a little different than in years past, we are thankful that there were at least a few acres left to cut. We were also thankful that a nice cool day led for easy traveling for the crew and trucks.

I hope you enjoy the photos, below, that I took on moving day.

Chris starting his walk-around.

Gabe and Edward inspect something on the trailer before taking off.

Hitching up the trailer.

Gabe is refreshing the new team members on the art of logbooks.

Safe travels, Chris.

Roll on, Gabe.

Enjoy your first trip south.

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