All Aboard Harvest | Sherry: First stop East Texas Piney Woods
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Sherry: First stop East Texas Piney Woods

Hi y’all! This past week has us all a bit worn out and we still haven’t even started picking cotton. However, we have successfully replaced the turbo on one of our machines. It then started right up. Yippee! We loaded it up and then the next day we headed up north. This was my first time being the lead escort for one of our cotton pickers. It was exciting, but also a little bit terrifying. It was exciting because it was something new. But a bit terrifying because I was responsible for keeping the oncoming traffic alert and safe, as well as ourselves. My first trip was victorious.

The new turbo. Finally.

After unloading the picker, we headed south through Houston, Texas.

Let me tell you … that was worse than being the lead escort for the cotton picker on a two-lane road. Sheesh, that traffic was insane. We made this trip three more times.

The next two hauls were successful and uneventful.

Loaded up and trucking. (Photo by Wyatt Zimmerman.)

But the last cotton picker we hauled has a little story. We blew a tire on the tailer that the cotton picker was on. Nevertheless, we had a spare tire and we were able to get it changed out in about twenty minutes and get back on the road. The rest of the move was great. Our last load for this move was our camper and car, which was an easy trip, too.

We made it to our first stop, East Texas Piney Woods. We have a couple of firsts for us. This is our first time in this area and first time that we have ever started a cotton picking season this late. We usually begin picking cotton at home, around the end of July. And here we are at the end of September and still waiting to pick cotton. We are confident that next week we will be rollin up some cotton bales with y’all.

Sherry Zimmerman can be reached at

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  • Rob Warihay
    Posted at 10:21h, 05 October

    Wow!! They are wide!

  • Donald Fratzke
    Posted at 23:33h, 05 October

    I have seen cotten pickers being hauled from Ankeny Iowa. Back then they had 4 row heads and a basket on top. From a tractor and combine hauler, I thought they took up their share of the road. After seeing a picture of your machine loaded on that detach trailer, it really takes up room. Take care and be safe and hopefully the law leaves you alone.

  • aDjcMZqUusHrRGAT
    Posted at 19:35h, 10 October


  • Sharon Benton
    Posted at 10:09h, 21 October

    Great pictures Sherry. Love your post.