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Kimberly: The fall rush begins

As the weather and the leaves are changing, so are the soybeans and corn. Looking back on last years harvest, we were in the midst of bean harvest and this year we have just started one farmer’s soybeans. Since we got home in early August, we have seen minimal rain come through our area until the past two weeks. The rain and the late planting season have made summer harvest roll right into fall harvest. The fall crops have changed drastically the past few weeks and now the rush will begin.
Mychal and Logan have finished the durum in Donnybrook, North Dakota, and were just about to finish the spring wheat but ended up getting a good shot of rain. They have roughly a day of wheat left and 2,000 acres of canola to do before they can start on the beans. The canola is averaging well and instead of taking the canola to a bin or elevator, they are bagging it.

Roger is in Westhope, North Dakota, and just started on soybeans in that area the past few days. Those beans are averaging 37 to 40 bushels per acre with a moisture of 11 to 14.
Cole is up in the Langdon, North Dakota, area straight cutting canola with an average of 1,900 pounds per acre. They are hoping to be finished by the weekend and send some machines home to start beans around here.

Harvest isn’t just about getting in your equipment and going, you have to make sure that your equipment is ready for the day whether it’s greasing, fixing sections on the header or putting fuel in, everything needs to be looked over. Sometimes the most unexpected break downs may happen and you have to do what you can in the field.

One of our trucks took a load to the bin and noticed that the inside tire was off the bead. Once that truck arrived back at the field the other truck drivers dove into action and got the tires off and got it fixed back up in time for its next load. We have experienced a shortage of parts here in North Dakota, so much so that we have had to run to Minnesota or South Dakota to get a part. We have been very thankful for the guys at Pro Harvest and MacDon all summer for getting us parts or coming out to fix an issue that we cannot do. Unfortunately, they are no longer available this time of the year but our local dealerships have been very good at getting us parts or coming out to the field if needed.

Ethan, Tyler, and Mychal fixing a tire in the field.

Fall harvest will be in full swing for us within the next few days.

The kids and I ventured up to Donnybrook this weekend but there was no cutting done because of rain, but we made the most of it and had some family time.

Bentley and Kyler’s football team has made it to the championship game.

Kimberly Neumiller can be reached at kimberly@allaboardharvest.com.

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