Kimberly: Thankful for our employees

This year we finished our harvest earlier then we would have like but today I am thankful we are done and the majority of our stuff is cleaned up and put away. The weather here in North Dakota has started to turn from nice to not so nice. I know it’s that time of the year that we will start seeing colder temperatures and snow, but I will never be prepared for it. As I am writing this the clouds are getting darker and the wind is picking up with snow on the horizon. There is a chance for snow for the next four days here so that is why I am thankful we are done. I feel once we start to see this weather while we are still combining it becomes a long season with breakdowns beyond our control due to cold weather. This year we had corn planted all around our house and with this wind my yard has now collected all the corn leaves and with how dry this fall has been. The topsoil from the fields are starting to blow around.

The snow is coming.

Someone didn’t shut the door and our garage looks like a corn field.

With only a few remaining, we appreciate each and every one of our employees. We cannot do this job without them. We hire employees from all over the country and take them in as part of our own family and to see the relationships build between them is always nice to see. Seeing past employees still have a friendship with us and other employees and telling their friends to join a crew is a special part of being in this business. We had a few employees leave us before our fall run started to go to college or for other job opportunities so we had to add a few more employees for the fall run and they adapted very quickly. Although we were short on employees for our fall run, we had our over the road trucks shut down for a few weeks so those guys could help. We know that’s not what they signed up for but we appreciated them jumping right in and helping. Most of these guys are right out of high school and leaving home for the first time so I try my best to make sure they are taken care of in a sense of how a mom would take care of them. I don’t just have two kids—I have 18 during harvest season and it makes my heart happy when they appreciate everything I’ve done for them or when they call me “Mom.” When I first started, harvest the employees were the same age is Mychal and I so we were more of their friends while not working and bosses while we were working, but sometimes that’s not always easy but now that we have grown, we have changed our ways and now we respect the relationships we have with our employees.

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