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Sherry: Started out the week with rain


This week started out wet. We would naturally complain about being rained out—well, we did complain a little bit—instead we welcomed the day off. We still had tasks to do, however we were able to move a little slower and take it easy, which we needed. We were able to get some things done to our vehicles that we have been putting off because we just did not have the time to give them any attention. But now that it rained, we were able to change out the oil and filters, change out a couple of tires, and get them a much-needed car wash and vacuum.

We also got to enjoy a home cooked family dinner at a dinner table and not on the hood or the tailgate of the pickup truck. We normally don’t mind most of the time, but sitting down at a dinner table with clean hands, clean clothes, no dirt or dirty hats, with real dishes and flatware was all very welcomed.
We only got delayed one day. Once it dried up we were able to get to the cotton pickers, get them loaded, and began hauling them. We hauled two cotton pickers pretty quickly without any problems. The third one? Well, we had a big problem. And because of this we were unable to unload the cotton picker from the lowboy, so we were not able to haul our fourth cotton picker. So we hauled the tractor and bale spear, telehandler, service truck, and our camper and vehicles.

We moved all the equipment to the field, along with the service trailers. Well, we started out by getting stuck in some mud. Oh, brother. No big deal. We used a cotton picker to pull out the pickup and service trailer out. We then filled up the diesel tanks, water tanks, and grease tank of the cotton pickers. Finally we began picking cotton with only the two cotton pickers. We had a couple of good picking days. Weather has been nice and sunsets and the rising moon have been amazing.

Sherry Zimmerman can be reached at sherry@allaboardharvest.com.

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