Christy: What’s next?

Still lots of space available in the new shed.

Still lots of space available in the new shed.

Worthington, Minnesota—Another week of snowy and freezing weather hasn’t hindered us in keeping up with getting things put away. Last week we were able to add a few pieces of equipment to the new shed, as well as start filling up the cold storage at Gary’s. Most all of the seasonal crew have headed home, and Chandler will be our last crew member from harvest to make it to his family. Our winter crew will head home for the Thanksgiving holiday, but all should return by Dec. 1 to continue working on everything that’s left to do and start up hauling grain for local farmers.

Cleaning up vehicles and moving the last bit of necessities from our camper.

Cleaning up vehicles and moving the last bit of necessities from our camper before it moves on to storage. 

Even though our season has ended, the work continues. Gary’s shop has seen a lot of campers and equipment over the last couple of weeks. All campers have been winterized, aside from our big camper which stays parked next to Gary and Rhonada’s house. The big camper is usually kept with heat but all water blown out and shut off through the winter.

The Case IH 420 getting her final clean out before heading to storage.

The Case IH 420 getting her final clean out and oil change before heading to storage.

We weren’t without a few calls for custom combining after we finished for the year. Gary had a call for some corn acres, yet they were for 20-inch corn rows. All our heads are for 30-inch rows which meant we would have needed to find different corn heads. Thankfully he decided to turn it down. It’s not easy to turn down work, but after this fall it was easy to make that decision.
Paul returned home from Washington, D.C. this last Friday. He had a great trip working in Washington and meeting with many people to work towards bringing better regulations to help harvesters. He works with U. S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. who work diligently making progress towards better regulations for all harvesters—forage, cotton, and grain. It’s a great organization to be a part of and work with. We’ll also be looking forward to USCHI’s convention in Omaha, Nebraska, this coming January.
While Paul was away, I snuck off to get our Christmas tree. Paul isn’t really keen on having it up before Thanksgiving, but I always worry if I don’t get a tree before too long, they’ll all be gone. I don’t decorate it until after Thanksgiving, yet I don’t think it makes any difference.

My little Christmas tree on it's way to it's new home.

Our little Christmas tree on its way to its new home.

So what’s next? I think we’re going to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving being thankful for a great harvest and being done before the weather turns too cold. We’re going to enjoy spending this holiday at home, with family—most years it’s rare we can enjoy it at as most do. We’re thankful for so much this year and also praying for rain, rain, and just enough rain. And another great year next year, as well. After the holiday, we’ll get back to work. There’s definitely a lot that needs doing before our next season. I think we’ll have about five crew here for the winter, so there will be much to keep up with over the coming months before our next season.

Hope everyone has a healthy and full Thanksgiving, and we look forward to catching up after the holiday. God bless.

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