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Laura: The waiting game

North Texas—Today was Memorial Day. The kids are getting old enough to learn about and experience the true meaning of the holiday.  A quick internet search yielded an event honoring the fallen so I loaded the kids up and we headed  into town. Little Man was old enough to truly understand and was moved when he learned about how many local soldiers had paid the ultimate price from present times to the Civil War.  

High Plains Harvesting combines were adorned with American flags on Memorial Day to pay respect to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

We have had crew in place and ready to cut for days. Here in north Texas, it is not unusual this time of year to fight moisture thanks to spring showers and high humidity. So far, it looks like we’re having a normal year.  

Without the right attitude, the adrenaline rush of excitement and season anticipation can quickly become boredom or disappointment when these conditions strike. Luckily there is work that can be done in regard to positioning equipment, making any last minute tune-ups, and showing the guys the lay of the land. If all duties are completed, there can be time for fun.  

Some of the crew recently traveled to Fort Worth to see the historical stockyards district. Jack B., sent in the photo below of HPH out and about in the metroplex. I also heard there may have been a night of karaoke which I’m very disappointed I didn’t witness. I’m sure that was something.

This photo, courtesy of Jack B., shows one of the team members modeling some of their 2023 High Plains Harvesting swag at the Stock Yards.

Brad, one of our team members from New Zealand celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Since NZ is across the international dateline, he joked he could celebrate both his NZ birthday on Saturday and his United States birthday on Sunday. Location truly has its perks sometimes.  

Meanwhile, other members of the crew learned their hearts were in good shape as a western diamondback rattlesnake made its presence known in our parking area. These animals tend to be on the thicker side, but they reported it must have recently had a sizable meal because a large bulge could be seen. It was a good reminder to always look where you step and put your hands, especially if a machine has been parked awhile.  

This screenshot from the video that Ryan took does not give justice to the size of this snake or the decibel level of it’s rattle. It was not amused.

Speaking of safety, some of the crew members who had not yet arrived before the first safety event in Colby were able to take part in the U.S. Custom Harvester’s Safety Day in Wichita Falls.  Ryan also attended the MacDon Harvest kickoff breakfast which was held in Vernon, Texas.

The kids and I did a bit of a disappearing act as well. We arrived in Texas and it quickly became apparent that we wouldn’t be cutting, so we slipped away to see some family. I have one grandparent remaining earth-side and time is precious. Even though I wish we were cutting, sometimes delayed plans can become an unexpected blessing.

Spending precious time with family is so important.

Laura Haffner can be reached at laura@allaboardharvest.com.

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