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Janel: Going south for wheat harvest

Holdrege, Nebraska — Today is May 17, and I am looking forward to going south for wheat harvest very soon. The 30 days leading up to leaving for wheat harvest are the hardest. There is so much preparation and shop work to be done to get ready to go. I cannot wait to finally get to the wheat field and run the combine. That will be a good feeling to get started.

I made the first trip south last week. I hauled a combine and header. The wheat does not look too good in the southern half of Kansas. That’s been a drought area for the past few years, and the wheat is short and thin. However, the wheat looks good in Oklahoma.

We’ve got new combines again this year. JC and Jared made all the trips to the John Deere factory to haul the new combines home. We got them set up and ready to go at our shop yard. We’ve got some new MacDon headers, too. All of them are FD240 headers except for one that is an FD245.

Hopefully, by this time next week I’ll have some bushels and test weights to report on. I hope everyone has a safe trip south and successful harvest. Best of luck to all!

Janel Schemper can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

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JC hauled this combine home from Illinois.

Jared hauled this combine home from the John Deere combine factory.

The new FD245.

It’s got a triple reel.

The new FD245.

Springtime is full of harvest preparations.

I love my truck, combine and header shadow.

The wheat is ripening in southern Oklahoma.

A beautiful field of planted corn in Nebraska.

The corn is looking pretty in Nebraska.

Planting soybeans on May 16.

I loaded up the tractor grain cart.

I loaded up both of these tractor grain carts. I love it!

Shop work and truck maintenance.

We’ve been busy getting combines and trucks ready for harvest.

It’s time to go south for wheat harvest! I love it!

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