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Janel: Home is where the harvest is

Southwest Oklahoma – I enjoy following the wheat harvest. Wheat ripens forty miles northward per day. It’s now June 3rd and we are getting closer to finishing in this area. We’ve had some rain which has slowed us up. I’m ready to finish and move north!

The wheat in this area has averaged around fifty bushels per acre. The test weights have been anywhere from 58 to 64 pounds per bushel. Overall, it’s been a very nice wheat crop to cut.

One thing that is upsetting on harvest is having to purchase def (diesel exhaust fluid). I wish there was no such thing as def! At home in Nebraska, it was $2.16/gallon. Here in southwest Oklahoma, it’s $4.98/gallon.

Home is where the harvest is at no matter where we are on our harvest route. I love the time spent harvesting and all of the sightseeing. There is always so much work to do and another day to look forward to! I’m just here to cut the wheat and do an outstanding job. I can’t wait to move and get settled into our next stop on harvest. Best of luck to all of the harvesters moving north!

Janel Schemper can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

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