Janel: Keeping up with the harvest

Northern Oklahoma — I love cutting wheat and staying super busy on harvest. Honestly, I feel like I can’t ever get enough combine time. I love it! I always have. I’ve been running combine full-time since age 13.

We moved north on June 6, unloaded and went straight to the field. I absolutely love that, too! We’ve been cutting continuously. The wheat has been yielding 35 to 50 bushels per acre in this area. The test weights have been 61 to 62 pounds per bushel.

We’ll finish here in the next day or so, and we’re needed up the road as soon as possible. I love keeping up with the harvest! I’ve been doing this my entire life, and I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Summer wheat harvest always flies by quickly. I love getting to be in all of these beautiful golden wheat fields!

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We finished in southwest Oklahoma just before the big rain. This was a field our crew had cut, and then it rained.

I love moving north!

It’s a great feeling to get moved and then go straight to the field! Cutting wheat in northern Oklahoma on June 6.

I love the field meals!

Another beautiful day in northern Oklahoma on June 8.

I love seeing all of the cattle!

Wow, what a very pretty sight in northern Oklahoma!

Cutting wheat June 9 in northern Oklahoma.

More beautiful cattle! I love this scenery! It’s always quite the sight!

I love seeing all of the cattle out here next to the wheat field!

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