Janel: Beautiful wheat and weather

Western Kansas — I’ve been loving this beautiful wheat and weather. It’s truly been amazing. It has stayed very hot, windy and dry ever since we began here. The conditions have continued to stay good, and the dust has been flying.

The Shelbourne stripper headers have been getting over some acres. This has got to be one of the most beautiful wheat crops I’ve ever harvested. The wheat is yielding well, and the test weights have been more than 61 pounds per bushel.

We recently had 10 consecutive days of harvesting the days away. Today is June 30, and this month went by so quickly. Our forecast stays sunny and hot with highs in the 90s with slight chances of storms. Hopefully, we’ll finish up here soon and then move north. We are needed in Nebraska in just a few days.

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Harvesting wheat June 24 in western Kansas.

Beautiful wheat and weather.

Such a pretty day and wheat field!

Harvesting late at night on June 26.

American Implement provided us with lunch on June 27 for our entire crew of 25. I love a good ol’ cheeseburger in the field! Thank you American Implement!

Beautiful wheat. I absolutely love being out in the field!

Beautiful wheat.

The most beautiful wheat ever.

Good wheat and color.

Excellent looking grain!

This pop-up thunderstorm missed my field but rained at the bin site on June 27.

We stayed dry and got to keep stripping wheat.

I love my combine shadow and this time of day!

Such a pretty field and evening.

Another beautiful western Kansas sunset.

Harvesting late at night on June 29.

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