All Aboard Harvest | 2011
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This is what I see everyday on the harvest! I thought you might be interested in seeing what my office looks like. It actually looks like it could use a good cleaning though. ;) Be safe and God bless! Emma can be reached at All Aboard...

Happy Father's Day. . . Here's a little Father's Day humor to "you" no matter what you're called.......... First they call you dada, then they call you daddy, then they call you dad, then they call you collect.

Kaidence and Leon on Fathers Day
Kaidence and her "Daddy" on Father's Day. Leon's lucky he's still known as Daddy ; )

This day is an unforgettable one and a day that never seems to typically be celebrated at the same stop. We've celebrated as far down as Texas and far up as Colorado. What's funny is this day helps mark where we were on our route each year. Last year we were in Kiowa, KS. The year we were in Texas, I made my dad brownies and bought Dairy Queen ice cream to go with it. You just remember weird tidbits like that.

We're still in Andale, Kan., and it has been a constant battle with rain. With all the moisture we've been going through some mud. Take a look at what we've been dealing with here in Kansas. Be safe and God bless! Emma can be reached at All...

Here's a few pictures of the little town of Andale, Kansas. Small towns like this one are the heart and soul of wheat country. I always enjoy stops in towns like this because of the character each town has. However, don't blink when you drive through - you just might miss it.

Yesterday when it rained, we headed into town for dinner. Ozzie B Pizza has fantastic food. It's as good as a homemade pizza can get!

My previous two posts have hopefully brought everyone up to speed on Roland Harvesting, I'll continue to keep everyone up-to-date for the next couple of posts and then we'll all be caught up. As I've said before wheat harvest can be a busy time for...