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Here's a few pictures of the little town of Andale, Kansas. Small towns like this one are the heart and soul of wheat country. I always enjoy stops in towns like this because of the character each town has. However, don't blink when you drive through - you just might miss it.

Yesterday when it rained, we headed into town for dinner. Ozzie B Pizza has fantastic food. It's as good as a homemade pizza can get!

It was a little damp near Andale, Kan., and surrounding areas this past weekend and it was obviously to wet to harvest. I'm glad there was rain on Saturday night, because that meant Sunday was a day for relaxation. The Miseners always try to take...

We're on the move to Andale, Kansas. Here are a few pictures of our move north and few things we saw.   You can't see her, but Mom is leading this convoy with our travel trailer. Dan is in the semi pulling the combine and two heads, Joel...

Wow, it's a hot one out there across wheat country. Temperatures are in the triple digits in some areas. Often times thunderstorms will pop up, and if you check the Facebook page you can see a few of the pictures I snapped snapped of a...