All Aboard Harvest | Megan
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The last couple days have been typical harvest for the Roland crew. We’ve been able to cut and haul a lot of wheat but in the process of doing so we have also had many random breakdowns. From sickles breaking on the headers (due to harvesting short crops this season) to a brake canister needing to be replaced on one of the semis to a chain breaking on the grain cart we sure have been keeping our mechanic, Jason, busy! Most of the breakdowns have been fairly minor, but having to stop and fix something is always time consuming, especially when multiple things break throughout the day.

To our luck, Mother Nature has decided to cooperate with us lately. A couple days ago we moved north to the Great Bend and Hoisington, Kan. area where we were able to pick up a little work from an old-time friend and customer, which was greatly appreciated. The wheat was ripe enough to begin cutting, to our relief. Things went well there and we were able to finish up in a timely fashion. The wheat in that area was yielding about 30 to 40 bushels per acre. The only complication we had was an accidental run-in with some old deer antlers. The antlers literately pierced through the steering tire and we had to take it to town to patch it up. Who would have guessed that something as harmless as a buck shedding his antlers in a field could cause us a whole afternoon of grief!

Yesterday we moved near Hays, Kan. and were able to begin harvesting there as well. However, we got sprinkled out in the afternoon but hope to get started up again soon.

Great Bend
All lined up in Great Bend, Kan. before we unloaded

My previous two posts have hopefully brought everyone up to speed on Roland Harvesting, I'll continue to keep everyone up-to-date for the next couple of posts and then we'll all be caught up. As I've said before wheat harvest can be a busy time for...