One word to describe wheat harvest 2023 would be delayed. We were delayed by wet weather in Oklahoma and Kansas. I've been to five harvest stops this summer and it has rained everywhere we went. We were down south much longer than usual due to the weather conditions. We were still cutting wheat in western Nebraska the first week of August. That's late and unusual.

The north country has been very busy especially for our crew that went to Montana. The yields were excellent and conditions good so they were busier than ever while they were there

Darby Grier, a self-described city girl turned farm wife from Stewartsville, Missouri, is the High Plains Journal cookbook miscellaneous category winner with her family spaghetti sauce recipe. Grier said she has been married to her farmer husband for 35 years and they have been loyal subscribers throughout their marriage. She said she looks forward to the home and family page every week. As a child, Grier learned to cook from her mother and grandmothers'.

“I was in the kitchen a lot when I was little and when my mother went back to work when we were children, one