Southeast Colorado: Hi everyone. This harvest has perhaps moved into the position of “craziest one ever” due to weather. I’ve been a little bit of here, there and everywhere lately. That includes in a combine. As a result, I’ve gotten terribly behind so the next few posts will hopefully get you up to speed on some of the happenings of the team.

We headed out to southeast Colorado with the idea that I would probably be in a machine. However, the weather initially didn’t cooperate, so that gave us a few extra days of flexibility to play with our farm

Since rain seems to be all that’s happening around here lately, I thought this blog I would share a recipe.

This recipe is one that is favored by most. Enchiladas can be done many ways, and this way is one that’s a winner. Rhonada taught me to make this dish my first year on harvest, and I’ve been making it every harvest since.

Instead of giving you an ingredient list, I’m just going to tell you how we do it. It’s easy to make these just by portioning for how many people you are cooking for.

Today, I’m cooking for

Near Dodge City, Kansas–Have you ever been in a shootout? You know, like in a gun fight on one of those old Western TV movies? The crew has arrived here just south of Dodge City, Kansas. Of course this area is known for its Wild West history, made famous by outlaws that challenged John Wayne to a duel on Hollywood’s silver screen. It seems we’ve been facing off against some Wild West weather almost every day since we arrived in Kansas. The move from Oklahoma to Minneola, Kansas, is hot and windy, the type of weather southwest Kansas is famous

Western Kansas–We’ve been rained out three times while we’ve been harvesting wheat in western Kansas. Some of the wheat has been laying flat on the ground. The conditions haven’t been the greatest while we've been here trying to get the wheat harvested. While combining, the dirt and dust just flies. The combines are filthy from all the dirt, dust and rainstorms.

The wheat has been averaging around 60 and 70 bushels per acre. The test weights have been less than 60 pounds per bushel and with every rain the test weights keep getting worse. The protein has been staying

We felt a little relief this week wrapping up our stops in Anthony and Pratt, Kansas. Six machines pulled into Tribune, Kansas, Tuesday and we started on one field Wednesday before running into wet wheat. The service isn’t the greatest out here, so I ended up out there with supper just as all the machines were being parked. The wheat is averaging 30 to 60 bushels per acre and the moisture has been all over the board, between 12 and 16%.

After getting a wet start here in Tribune, we cut for a couple days before more rain hit

Western Kansas–Harvest has been full blast for weeks now and we have been staying very busy.  All eight of Schemper Harvesting's combines are out here in western Kansas and we are certainly working the days away. The dry land wheat has been yielding in the 50s and 60s and the irrigated in the 80s and 90s. The test weights have been over 60 pounds per bushel and the protein around 12%. Our farmers up north are calling and wanting combines. We’ve got a ways to go yet before we can finish up here and move north to western