We had a pretty special delivery in the field this last week. For about three or four hours Paul had the opportunity to test out the John Deere X9 combine, complete with a 16-row folding John Deere corn head. C & B Operations out of Worthington, Minnesota, brought the combine over for Paul to try out. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t make it to the field in time to get a chance to see this machine work, but Paul was able to fill me in on all the details.

Whereas it wasn’t enough time to really get

We have a small rain delay here in North Dakota. As much as we need the moisture, we wish it would have held off a few days. The Westhope crew got lucky and finished the beans before the rain but the Esmond and Jamestown crew may not get fired back up for a few days. If the rain had held off a few more days we could have gotten all of our bean acres done for the year.
The Esmond crew finished one farmer and has moved to another farmer but fell a few hours short of finishing. We have

After more rain days than we would like, we’re back in the fields. Paul is running one of our nine machines on corn by Round Lake, Minnesota, and most everyone else is still working on soybeans. The fields are a little soft after all the rain, so it’s a little muddy.

Fields by Reading, Minnesota, received over 2 inches of rain last week. They were definitely a little muddy, but as the weather has dried, less tracks are being made. One machine is working to finish those beans.

By Hartley, Iowa, two machines on beans are doing really well averaging

One of our sponsors this year for All Aboard Fall Harvest is US Custom Harvesters, Inc. USCHI is an organization that began in 1983 and represents and promotes the harvesting industry and those who harvest. Members are harvesters who do not only grain harvest but also work in cotton and forage harvesting. Associate members are made up of companies who provide products and services to harvesters. Between these groups, they rally one time a year during the USCHI convention to share new ideas, products, and equipment and machinery, and advancements in technology.

Convention for USCHI is incredibly busy in the

Fall is my favorite time of the year, leaves changing colors, the cool crisp mornings, and fall harvest. Although it is fall, our weather does not make one believe it is. We have been in the 80s all week and even hit 96 degrees the first day we started beans around home. This weather is making bean harvest go rather quickly, that and the minimal rain we have received. The beans around home, near Bowdon, North Dakota, were not running as good as the beans up in Westhope or even Donnybrook so we have been able to cover a lot

September 19 was a day that we can tell people we combined soybeans and corn for the first time ever. Usually, soybeans are combined before corn but with the way mother nature has been here in North Dakota things are a little different. A few years ago, we actually were combining corn in March because we had so much moisture and snow that we were unable to do it at the normal time. Every year is something different but we learn to roll with it. Because of the year we have had we are actually combining some beans that are