Glacier National Park, Montana—Harvest is work, but sometimes it puts you within striking distance of places you may not normally be able visit.

This has recently been the case.

Glacier National Park has long been on my bucket list. With harvest being earlier this year, coupled with the kids and I's extended stay in Montana, we were finally able to make the trip and check this wonder off the list. Some of the highlights have been ranger programs, hiking by mountain goats, playing near waterfalls, glaciers, photographing the approximately 1,000,000 (my made up number) cute chipmunks that

Last week we moved the last bit of equipment and campers to Fortuna, North Dakota. All started well combining lentils, until yesterday when we had a horrific event.

The day started out normal. I brought lunch out to find that two friends from home were driving through North Dakota on their way to Spokane, Washington, and had stopped to catch up with Paul and one of our guys. I took off while they were enjoying a few turns in the combines.

It must have been shortly after I left that things turned wrong, fast. As far as I understand, we’re

Northern Montana: There is a faint light at the end of the summer run tunnel as crews are heading to or working on their northernmost job of the season. However, they aren’t alone. There are some other important teams that have moved north as well and are in position to support the harvest.

One of those teams is John Deere Harvester Works.

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to visit with the team behind Van 2. The group is led by Darren Jacobs, senior product support representative, who is on his 21st season supporting the wheat run. He is

Northeastern North Dakota (15 miles from the Canadian Border)–We got moved up to our last stop on wheat harvest and went straight to the field when we arrived. We’ve been staying busying cutting spring wheat. It’s yielding pretty well even though there’s a drought going on up here in the Dakotas. It’s been making 45 to 65 bushels per acre and the test weights have been around 63 pounds per bushel and the protein has been around 15%.

The weather has been hot and dry. The day we moved up here it was 95 degrees. The harvest is just

Greenfield, Iowa–This morning I woke up in a queen-sized bed, the sun peeking through the blinds. It's 10 a.m. and I groggily drag myself out of bed. Out the window all I see is green ... green lawn, green corn, green soybeans and green alfalfa. It's hazy and humid, the grass still soaking wet from overnight with fog in low-lying areas. I stumble my way to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee, the complete silence only broken by the loud ticking of the wall clock. I take a long, hot shower, losing track of

The sun has set on our Montana wheat harvest. We cut our last field out here on Sunday just in time for Fort Benton to get a rain that dumped more moisture than I think I’ve ever seen out here. It’s delayed getting things loaded, but that’s okay. We are all due a good break. The folks around here are pretty happy to see some wet weather, too.

Although we didn’t see quite as many acres or quite as good a crop as we normally do, it was still a well-rounded stop. We will be thinking about our