Holdrege, Nebraska—It's another kind of busy at this time of year. Winding down from harvest is quite the change. Moving out of the camper, getting it winterized and then moving back into the house is a lot of work.

Central Nebraska—We are staying busy harvesting corn. We have had several days of sunshine and clear blue skies and finally today we are harvesting dry loads testing under 17%. I was beginning to think the corn wasn't going to dry down. The irrigated corn is high yielding with test weights of 58 to 62 pounds per bushel.

Our forecast continues to be clear with highs in the 60s. Nice weather makes corn harvest enjoyable. We have three combines here picking corn, one combine east of here picking corn and two combines cutting milo in western Kansas. It's been a busy

Central Nebraska—Corn harvest was extremely busy up until we received winter weather on Oct. 26. I absolutely love corn harvest except when it's really cold and it's been that way the past few days. Being in a camper takes some skills too when the weather gets cold.

South Central Nebraska—We have been very busy getting over corn acres and they are starting to disappear in this area. The weather has been sunny and warm with highs in the mid 80s. The corn is yielding over 250 bushels per acre.

South Central Nebraska—It’s Oct. 9 and it has been a very busy soybean harvest. Across the fields I'm seeing decent yields anywhere from 60 to 100 bushels per acre. Overall, the soybeans are yielding in the 70s and 80s. The late summer heat hurt the soybean yields. They just aren't quite as good as usual but still good soybeans. The dryland pivot corners are yielding 30 to 40 bushels per acre.

Currently, our crews are split up six ways. Here, there's four cutting soybeans and two picking corn. In Kansas there's two cutting milo. In central Nebraska there's one cutting soybeans.

South Central Nebraska—Fall harvest is clearly in full swing. It's been go time for a few weeks now. Hot days, warm nights and dry weather has let us go. It's Oct. 2 and we are having highs in the 90s and lots of wind.

South central Nebraska—I have a feeling fall harvest is going to go by quickly. We started cutting soybeans Sept. 18, cut for three days then had four days out of the field due to wet conditions. However, our forecast is now sunny and clear. A little rain break was okay because the soybeans were just borderline ready anyways. They have now ripened up more.

We got back in the field Sept. 25. The soybeans are yielding anywhere from 68 to 83 bushels per acre so far. I think the late summer heat hurt the soybean yields. They are not quite as