Chase, Kansas – Combine Cam is up and running!

One of my most favorite parts of being involved with the All Aboard Wheat Harvest has been the Combine Cam. I absolutely love being able to tell the story of wheat and harvest by actually showing others what’s happening in the field. Whether it’s the mundane back and forth of cutting wheat or a sickle section being replaced ... you’re right there in the cab!

The day after we arrived to our destination, we met up with Grant (Kiowa County Media Center, Greensburg) in the farmer's yard.

I always look forward

Dodge City, Kansas—We've been cutting wheat for thirty days now and finally we're having our wanted many consecutive days of sunshine, wind, clear skies and heat and it's doing us wonders! Harvest is moving northward quickly now with this 90 degree heat.  We have been in Kansas since June 25.  Trucks and combines are still coming north out of Texas and Oklahoma.  My brother, JC,  just finished up in the Texas Panhandle on June 28.

We cut in the Pratt area for a few days and had decent luck. The wheat made 20

North Texas—There is so much to learn about hard work and grit from watching and participating in harvest. However, there’s also something to be said for the growth that happens outside the field for the littlest of harvesters.

The children are old enough now to have and be interested in friends. We have a great neighborhood and friends around town, so this year, it was a bit tough for them to leave the familiar routine despite being super excited about harvest. However, that discomfort opens the door for life lessons to be taught.

It is not always easy to put

Thomas, Oklahoma - Wow, what a way to start off the summer.  We survived frequent heavy rains, multiple hail storms, a tornado ... and more muddy fields than you could shake a stick at.  Our endurance paid off in the end, but Oklahoma was kind of a "grin and bear it" start to the season.  Check out the video below for an up-close look at some of the challenges we had to overcome with muddy fields.

The last few days of harvesting the weather finally decided to get on board with summer-like heat and wind.  The ground conditions improved, and

North Texas/West Central Oklahoma: On again, off again. That’s been the theme of cutting lately. Storms keep cycling through the area and once we get in the groove, it seems like another one hits. Its been a crazy start to the season, a theme you’ve been hearing a lot.

The ground has been holding pretty well, but occasionally there will be a spot that just gives way unexpectedly. That’s just part of the game with the level of moisture received the last few months. One little known benefit to the mud is, according to legend, the compounds that make

Manley, Nebraska – Um, I really want to sort of fib a little right now and put Chase, Kansas, as my location but that would be lying and that’s not me.

So, here’s the deal. I’m feeling a bit like we’re never going to actually get Harvest 2019 started. It’s really beginning to wear on me. I know my sitting here in my “home, home” kitchen typing this note, I am telling the story of Harvest 2019—just not the one I want to be telling you. I would much rather be telling you about the late night we had cutting