Western Nebraska –We are caught back up to the harvest. We are cutting wheat near Sidney and there are fields of green wheat yet and the fields we’re cutting are dry but the draws are a little bit green.  It blends well though on a hot day.  The wheat has been yielding in the 40s, 50s and 60s.  The test weights have been over 60 pounds per bushel and the protein 11 and 12 percent.  Overall, it’s a pretty nice crop.

The field I just cut had signs of sawfly disease. That is where the stalk

Northwest Kansas—It's Monday, and we’re experiencing a bit of relief from the heat wave of the past few days. A cold front rolled through July 20. Kansas cutting is complete, and machines are working in northeast Colorado. This is the latest harvest has ever been for us in this region. There have been times we’re nearly complete with northeast Colorado by now, so the extremes in weather are astonishing.

While we have a break from the 100-degree temperatures currently, they will likely return. Cold meals are key during hot days. Taco salad and Suddenly Salad variations are popular

Tribune, Kansas – Boy howdy! Can you believe those bushels cut in Western Kansas?

Z Crew

Garden City, Kansas wheat

This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime crop cut by many farmers and harvesters in this neck of the woods! Anyone you talk to would agree no one really had a clue what the heck was about to happen when the combines began making their way through the golden fields of grain.

When we made our very first cut through the first acre in Garden City, we knew we were about to see something we had never seen before–100 plus bushel

Western Kansas –We finished up in western Kansas mid-July and had a good run there this year.  The wheat that we harvested yielded well and overall it was a tremendous crop.  It was the most beautiful wheat I’ve ever harvested.

I was expecting the wheat to make in the 60s before I arrived in western Kansas. It made in the 90s and 100s.  We were very lucky to have great harvesting weather and the opportunity to harvest such a nice wheat crop.  I’m happy for the Kansas farmers and the outstanding wheat crop they had

Northwest Kansas: I’ve been working from home and have been back and forth a couple times while the crew has been in western Kansas. On July 16, I was already in route to deliver meals when I got a call that one of our crew members had an appointment in town and I may need to help with the grain cart. Now let’s be honest, I like being in the field a lot, and it rarely happens that I get to run something at this stage of life. I should have been pumped. However, when the yields are so strong

Minneola, Kansas—It's been a whirlwind of activity, the crew running hard day after day with the hot and dry weather here in southwest Kansas.  Harvest can be hard work and long hours, but then that's not really a surprise ... it's the nature of this lifestyle.  Crews all around Kansas have capitalized on this break in the weather, making for one of the fastest and biggest harvest pushes Kansans may have seen in quite some time.


The crop has been exceptional in the area this year, with some fields achieving the highest yields ever seen.  Farmers were grateful for (mostly