Northeastern Colorado—The other night, we were greeted by an unusual sight.

High Plains Harvesting 2019

High Plains Harvesting

We see a vast variety of campers and motor homes on our travels, but I’ve never seen one pulled by a tractor nor a camper as special as this! Ivan Stolzfus is driving this “Johnabilt” across America to raise awareness for wounded warriors. He told me he is a retired farmer who was looking to give back in thanks for our freedoms. He blogs about his travels and there is a tracker on the site so you can follow along with Ivan’s progress. If you would like to learn

South central Montana—Where has the summer gone? I don’t know how it can already be the last day of July. I can still remember the anticipation of the season like it was yesterday, but here we are and school is just around the corner!

I recently met up with half of the crew as they were passing through northeast Colorado on their way to Montana. They needed to stop for a part and a quick rest. It typically takes two days to get to Montana from our headquarters with wide loads.

We have crew members that are experiencing their first

Big Springs, Nebraska—Sometimes we spend quite a few days (or weeks) in one place harvesting, and other times you move through a stop so quickly it seems it's time to pack up the trailer houses again before you even got re-situated from the last move.  This describes Nebraska for us this year.


The crew arrives in Big Springs, Nebraska, and sets ups camp right before a rain storm threatens to delay the start of harvest.  This would not be the only time rain brought a full-stop to harvest during our short stay in Nebraska.   

For quite

Tribune, Kansas–We’ve passed through on our way north and I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a part of the Kansas harvest in this true harvest town.

There’s a Cenex on the intersection of Highways 96 and 27. We’ve stopped in the past to fuel up vehicles or grab a cold drink. All the while I’m quickly doing what needed to be done, I’ve often looked at the trailer court with awe and wonder. I know the number of harvesters who used to come here compared to the number today is much smaller. However, to be a

Northeast Colorado: “I wondered if we were going to see you again this summer!” This is how the librarian greeted us in addition to her smile this morning, July 24. The local library is one of our favorite places to visit, and story time was on our to-do list. One reason is because of the amazing opportunities for children and the other is because of the people. People are always the cherry on top and these two ladies have been a part of our summer each year we’ve harvested here. They make us feel at home, regulars in

Western Nebraska—The forecast was supposed to be clear but out west there can be pop-up thunderstorms and that’s when there’s a threat of wind and hail and sometimes lots of rainfall. On Friday night, July 26, we were cutting wheat and then a storm in the west was building.  Thankfully, all we got was a sprinkle but there were some wicked looking clouds to the west.  We heard Lodgepole got hit with the worst of the storm.  I was told it hailed for 30 minutes and ruined the crops in that area.

On Saturday night, July