Frederick, Oklahoma–When we go south for harvest we are very anxious to cut wheat. We did go to the field with one combine when we arrived on May 28 and cut 50 bushel wheat that weighed 61 pounds per bushel and was 12.1 percent moisture.  Then the rain clouds arrived.  We’ve cut a few days since but have been rained out, too.  Overall, it’s been a slow start.

We attended the annual Case IH harvest safety school in Frederick, Oklahoma, on May 29 and their safety video is a must-see especially for young people. 

Manley, Nebraska - I manage a couple of Facebook pages that are harvest related and I get this question often, “How do I start my own harvest business?”

Most of the time, it’s someone who already owns a combine and wants to hit the road.

Z Crew

Because we are still at home, I've been enjoying the beauty of spring. It was such a long, brutal winter I almost feel like I deserve this extra time at home to soak up all the beauty. 

I usually get excited when I’m approached with questions about the ins and outs of this

Frederick, Oklahoma – I managed to pack my bag and get out the door once again for harvest. People always ask me when I’m leaving for harvest and I honestly don’t know until the time comes as it depends heavily on the weather.  The first trip down, May 23, I drove a Peterbilt truck and hauled a combine and header.  We had a good trip having no blown out tires but we had one little road construction detour.  The second trip down, May 28, I drove a Peterbilt truck again and hauled a tractor and grain cart

East Texas—I have good news and bad news. I’ll let you guess which is which. The crew made it south safely, is in place and ready to cut in north Texas. To celebrate, Mother Nature welcomed High Plains Harvesting to the state with another major rainstorm which added moisture to already saturated fields. Consequently, harvest is delayed yet again.

Since we can’t talk wheat now, maybe you would enjoy talking blueberries. The children and I recently visited Blueberry Hill Farms, which is a “pick-your-own” farm, on our summer bucket list. Even though we are directly involved in production

Greenfield, Iowa - Wheat harvest is just around the corner, but preparations for Summer 2019 started a long time ago.  The winter months gave us time to reevaluate the summer, consider what did and did not go so well, and look for ways to continuously improve our harvesting efforts.  

The difficult agricultural economy that has persisted makes for very tight margins between income and expenses for farmers.  Custom harvesters are finding it challenging to make their businesses profitable, too.  The largest expense for harvesters is the depreciation of the combine’s value as it racks up unusually high hours

Cheyenne, OK–I’ve lived in Tornado Alley my whole life. As a matter of fact, my high school alma mater’s mascot is a Red Tornado. I’ve donned tornado apparel and cheered for tornadoes. But through all of that, I’ve never actually experienced a real-life tornado … and I’m not mad about it!

Oklahoma has been on a rough ride the last couple of weeks. Storms, floods and tornadoes have struck our state day after day. I can’t recall such an extended streak of weather like this. I think it’s safe to say we’re all exhausted and ready for a