Minneola, KS - I wish I didn’t have time to write this update today, and instead harvesting wheat here in Minneola. Sadly, the weather has been very uncooperative since our arrival in Kansas. I find myself sitting in the trailer tonight after another wide-sweeping storm halted harvest in the entire Western half of Kansas.

IMG_7303 Our trailer houses parked in Minneola, KS, shared with another harvesting crew. The sonic ambience of the Rail Road tracks 100 feet away is usual for us rural folks!

I shared before how the wheat was so thin due to the drought conditions that have plagued

It’s 100 degrees, and the wind is blowing 35 mph….yup, we are in Minneola, Kansas alright! Jones Harvesting moved our equipment successfully from Iowa and Minnesota, traveling two days to reach our first stop of the year. We took a different route than normal, skipping drought-stricken Oklahoma. It makes us feel discombobulated to begin harvesting in Kansas instead, and we greatly missed seeing our farmers, friends and the local sights of Thomas, Oklahoma. We were thankful for the extra time at home to prepare for the 2018 season, but are excited to finally leave home and start our

Greenfield, Iowa - Let me introduce myself as the newest member of the All Aboard Wheat Harvest correspondence team.  I am Brian G. Jones of Greenfield, Iowa, and I am a second generation farmer and wheat harvester.  I was born and raised on a family farm about 50 miles Southwest of Des Moines in the rolling hills of Southwest Iowa.  In 1983 my father Glen Jones and grandpa George Rahn began (unknown to them at the time) a 35+ year legacy of wheat harvesting across the Midwest for our family.



During the tough financial times for