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Jenna: Finished in Deerfield, Kan.

Last night we finished cutting here in Deerfield, Kan. Our job in Colorado is still a few days off, so we are not in too big of a rush to get up there. We will probably spend a day or two cleaning and washing the equipment here and then head north sometime this weekend.

This morning, the editorial intern at High Plains Journal, Lisa Brown, visited us! It was fun to talk face-to-face with the person who calls me every week to remind me to upload my pictures (among other things)! :] Unfortunately, we were not able to show her too much since we are done cutting, but we still had a really nice visit. (And she brought us some sweet gifts and cookies from the HPJ staff, which was so nice! Thanks guys!!)

It sure is hot here. The forecast shows it’s suppose to be at least 100 degrees for the next week. I’m glad to report, though, that Dad had a chance to fix the air conditioner in the trailer house the other day … so at least it won’t be too miserable!

Yesterday, we cut with the Scherrer Brothers of Midwest Harvesting, who lined us up with work here in Deerfield, Kan. at the last minute. Proof that Cases and Deeres can work together peacefully. Haha!

>Brice Scherrer’s son, Brody, checks out the combines while the crew is stopped for supper.

Jenna and Lisa
Lisa and I display the gift basket that the staff at HPJ put together. And, no, we honestly didn’t plan our outfits … we’re just that cool! :]

Jenna Zeorian can be reached at jenna@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2009 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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