Meet Our Correspondents - 2022

Christy Paplow

Paplow Harvesting & Trucking

Fall / Wheat Harvest Correspondent

Christy joined Paplow Harvesting & Trucking in 2010 while dating her now-husband, Paul Paplow. Eleven years later, Christy and Paul are married with one daughter, Zoey, and work side by side with Paul’s father, Gary, and mother, Rhonda, in their 30-year-old harvest business.

Kimberly Neumiller

Kimberly Neumiller

Neumiller Harvesting

Fall Harvest Correspondent

My name is Kimberly Neumiller from Neumiller Harvesting. I grew up in the small town of Fessenden, North Dakota, which is 25 miles from where I live now. My husband, Mychal, and I along with our two kids, Bentley and Payzlee, live near Bowdon, North Dakota.

Brian Jones

Jones Harvesting

Wheat Harvest Correspondent

For over 40 years, Jones Harvesting, based near Greenfield, Iowa, has made an annual trek from Oklahoma to North Dakota, harvesting golden fields of wheat for farmers who have become like family to the Jones family.

Sherry Zimmerman

Zimmerman Farms

Fall Harvest Correspondent

Sherry Zimmerman is from Bishop, TX. She graduated from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, TX with her BBA, majored in Accounting and minored in Finance. She also volunteers her time as a board member for the local water board authority. She did not grow up on a farm or on a harvesting crew. However, she fell in love with the lifestyle pretty quickly and can’t imagine her life without it.

Janel Schemper

Schemper Harvesting

Wheat Harvest Correspondent

Janel Schemper was 6 months old when she made her first harvest journey.
“Harvest for me is a way of life,” the third-generation custom cutter said.
Schemper Harvesting, based in Holdrege, Nebraska, goes back more than a half-century, started by her grandfather.

Laura Haffner

High Plains Harvesting

Wheat Harvest Correspondent

Laura Haffner always loved agriculture and rural living, but never dreamed she would be living out that passion through traveling the backroads of the the Great Plains with a harvest crew. But, here she is! She and her husband, Ryan, own and operate High Plains Harvesting based in Park, Kansas.

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The snow we received in the middle of our fall harvest slowed us down a little bit, but once it warmed up and started to melt we were able to...

Hi y’all. Hope y’all are well. So we were stagnant for a few weeks. We have had several amounts of rain.  We just can not catch a break. So far...

Holdrege, Nebraska—We just completed another harvest. It feels great to be home and it's time for a break from having to go to the field every day. Overall, we had...