Jada: Meet Roland (Roly) crew member of Hoffman Harvesting

Roland Baird

Meet Roland Baird, a 21 year-old returning for his second harvest run with us. You can see him most days running combine #4. He also did most of the seeding for us at home this year. This actually happens to be one of Roly’s jobs at home, too. He works for a large farmer in Scotland.

Roly first decided to come to America on harvest because he wanted to gain more experience in agriculture and wanted to learn more about farming in America. His favorite memories on harvest thus far have been grilling out and having a good time with the rest of the crew.

Since it only gets up to about 80 degrees in Scotland, Roly enjoys the harvest weather here and running the large machinery.  He says that everything is far bigger here and farming is on a larger scale. He added that we have the right weather to harvest here while at home they are lucky to have a dry day.

Roly misses music festivals and his friends from home but is glad to be here. If we came to visit him in Scotland, he would give a tour of the many castles and take us to the sea.  Again from more prodding from Leon, Roly says his boss is the best! How can you not love these guys?! : )

Fun Fact: Roly went on his first harvest with us two years ago. That year he turned 19 in Texas. Notorious for sleep walking, we are glad Roly is tall enough to hit his head  and wake up before taking a midnight stroll through the campground.

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