Jada: Happy Birthday Bux!

Today was a special day as Bux celebrated his 20th birthday. Happy Birthday to you! He celebrated in the field and Kaidence and I tried to make his day as special as we could. As usual this South African was full of smiles.

Bux celebrates his birthday in the field

Bux with his birthday cake and gift.

Knowing it was Bux’s special day, Kaidence was all for helping make him a special birthday meal. We made pork loin, Lipton potatoes, cherry salad and a birthday cake. Cooking with my daughter can be fun when I have the time and patience for it. Her excitement over talking Theo through the recipe she supposedly made for our meal made my day. I am sure that’ s a recipe Theo will be taking home. : )

Callum comes to get his food

Callum comes to get his food and join in on Bux’s field celebration.

Since we are split up, I tried to get Callum and Johnny to sing him Happy Birthday but no one was up for the gig- not even Kaidence. Too bad Montana was at the elevator. Since the celebration was cut short because I had to head to the next field, I am thinking we will have to have another celebration once we are all in the same field. Maybe I can get the entire crew in on singing him “Happy Birthday”. Or not?!

Clouds cover our field

Clouds covered our field but didn’t bring any but a few drops of rain.

While we received a couple of drops of rain in the field, we were able to still put a full day of work under our belts. The clouds were apparently just there for cover. From a picture standpoint, nothing is more fun than big puffy cumulus clouds in the sky.

Windmills are a common view for this area the sunset makes them look pretty

Windmills are becoming a common view to Limon. This sunset makes them look really pretty.

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