All Aboard Harvest | Steph: Check for snakes!
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Steph: Check for snakes!

Every morning, we all know our duties for servicing equipment. We fuel up, wash windows, empty garbages, check the oil, blow out air filters, and any other general prep of the equipment. However, we’re in one of those areas where we have to move the equipment before we service in case there were snakes that might have coiled up by our tires throughout the night. A couple years ago, one of our guys that we had working for us found a snake right on the step of the combine. I’ll tell you what, I’ve never heard a grown man’s scream resemble a 5 year old girl’s scream so well until that day. Us North Dakotians aren’t used to snakes. It’s too cold and they would have to stay curled up around the clock to stay warm.

The test weights have been in the mid 60s, yields in the low 40s, protein 14 percent and moisture at 12 percent.

Harvest tip: When the lunch wagon (AKA: Mom) shows up at the field, equipment should slowly start congregating to the end of the field. If you’re not there in a timely manner, you may go hungry.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Surprise, surprise, we support the US Custom Harvesters!

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Brandon taught me how to use auto-steer today. Pretty much awesome.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

The handy sheets the Hemingford elevator gives you to know which pit to dump at.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Unloading on the go with our colorful equipment.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Brandon, cutting away. Can you tell nobody else gets to run combine?

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Last few swipes before the straw gets too tough to cut.

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  • Tracy
    Posted at 16:30h, 04 July

    Nice plug for USCHI :)…way to go!

  • James Melton
    Posted at 19:44h, 04 July

    I follow your blogs daily. Very, very interesting. Keep attaching photos!
    From a Midwest rancher living in “paradise”….Naples Florida

  • Jerry
    Posted at 08:40h, 05 July

    Reminds me of when I was a custom cutter in college. I loved it. Wish I was still doing it.
    Anyway, one day a truck driver decided to prank a combine operator and took a rattlesnake he’d run over with his truck and tossed it up in the combine when the operator was out of the cab eating dinner. He figured the operator would open the door, find the snake on the seat, scream like a little girl, and everyone would laugh.
    Well it didn’t go as planned. The operator opened the door, sat down on the seat and started to drive off. The trucker was disappointed until a moment later when the combine stopped and the operator burst through the door and LEAPED from the platform to the ground.
    It turns out that the snake wasn’t dead, just knocked out from the truck tire. The snake had woke up and crawled under the seat. When the combine started to move it had come out from under the seat. The operator of course had looked down and seen one mad snake!
    Fortunately no one was bitten so it makes for a good story. Your mentioning of snakes reminded me of that.
    It also reminded me of another time we broke down and to wait two days for parts. When I went to make the repairs the shadow of the combine I was working on was just full of snakes! I couldn’t move the combine so I had to beat the stubble and drive the snakes back. Every few min. I’d have to beat it again as the snakes would return to the shade, which happened to be where I was working.
    As yes, life as a custom cutter. Sure beats this desk I drive now.

  • Steph Osowski
    Posted at 21:28h, 06 July

    Thank you everyone!

    And Jerry, your story is hilarious! I told it to the rest of the family today.Harvest is full of surprises, so glad to hear you were able to experience it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sharon and Harry Drake
    Posted at 21:39h, 06 July

    I know a couple people that would not have thought it was funny and somebody would be without a job. Snakes are not to be messed with. sharon Drake