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StephNEW_thumbnailI hope that all the dad’s out there had a wonderful Father’s Day! I know that my dad got to do what he loves most; spend his day out in the field. Brandon and I greased the combine this morning, which we told dad that it was a Father’s Day privilege that we would graciously give him the day off from it. Even though the 60 percent humidity kept us out of the field till early afternoon, we still managed to get a 9 hour day of combining in and are closing in on our final acres here in Hobart, Okla. The moisture is around 11 percent and yields are anywhere from 14 to 25 bushels per acre.

Being it was Father’s Day, mom had a special supper all planned out. On the menu was baked potatoes, steak and a surprise dessert. However, this afternoon we were hauling wheat to our farmer’s grain bins for seed wheat. This meant that our farmer had to remain at the bins for the trucks, making us short-handed. We had to call in reinforcements in order to have enough bodies to run all the equipment, which meant having mom come out to the field. Her immaculate plan for supper had to be abandoned and we ended up with Sonic. Harvest has a way of changing even the best laid plans. I guess the steak will have to wait for another night!

So today, I was sitting out in the pickup while Brandon ran into a parts place. As I was sitting in the pickup, a man and his son walk out. They were looking at the pickup and then at me, so I smiled and waved and turned away, knowing that the pickup is rather nice looking and we all know how guys are about their pickups. Anyway, as they were backing out, I happened to glance back and the man had rolled his window down and was motioning for me to do the same. As I did, he says, “Are you the girl from the High Plains Journal?” Turns out they had recognized me from my photos and write-ups for All Aboard Wheat Harvest and just wanted to give me a shout-out! Let me tell you, it is certainly a humbling yet awesome experience to get recognized like that.

Quote of the Day: “He looked at me like a cow looking at a new fence.”

Got a pretty cool dad, just sayin'.

Brandon and I have a pretty cool dad, just sayin’.

Good look for you, bro.

Jeans tucked into the boots. Real classy.

Tailgate lunch.

Tailgate lunch, a familiar scene on the harvest trail.

Brandon drew me a picture!

Brandon drew me a picture! He’s got skillz.

Some unloading action.

Some unloading-on-the-go action.

We had a little audience.

We acquired a little audience.


So close to town that we can see the water tower!

So close to town that we can see the water tower!

Supper for the night.

Supper for the night. Mom came through and included a cherry limeade.



She takes her job very seriously.

She takes her job very seriously.

Daylight coming to an end.

Beautiful evening, once again.

Beautiful evening, once again.

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