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Jada: Preparing to move

Amidst the rain days, we were able to get two hours of cutting in Iuka, Kansas. This was enough time to allow us to finish our wheat harvest North of Pratt. This was a good thing because rain has been falling almost daily here making us sitting ducks as we wait to harvest our last bit of wheat in the Sawyer area.

Adam turns a corner with his header attached

Adam moves a combine to another field in hopes to be able to find drier land. If the tires don’t tell the story… his attempt was unsuccessful.

moving combines to a new field

The view does show how nice and green things have turned from the rain.

According to locals, 40% of their annual rainfall of 26 inches has been met these past two weeks. Things are looking greener since the rain. While it hasn’t helped the wheat crop- test weights will surely be lower and weeds continue to grow instead of the wheat crop- it will surely help the fall crops planted here.

the guys move a combine trailer

Hauling the combine trailers in order to prep for moving.

Ed and Austin clean combines

Bob, Ed and Austin give one of our combines a much needed bath.

Thus far the wheat has ranged from 55- 60 bushel test weights. Yields are anywhere from 7 to 50 bushels per acre with the average being around 20 bushels per acre. Two summer fallow fields did make an average of 40. Some fields in the area that were irrigated averaged around 80 bushels per acre.

The guys clean one of our trucks

The guys work together to tackle the muddy truck.


Loading a combine.

Tying combine down

Theo and Adam tie down the combine.

Since they will not be needed here anymore, we took the time to move two of our combines North to our next stop in Goodland, Kansas. The guys cleaned them, loaded them and moved them. It is even wetter there, so we may just have to play here in Pratt for awhile while we wait for the wheat and ground to dry a bit. The rain is just a little too late for the wheat crop, but it is still a blessing for farmers here.

 Loaded and ready to move NorthCleaned, loaded and presentable for a move to Goodland, Kansas.
Wind woes

Wind woes. A poor farmer has one of his buildings blown over by the wind.

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