Megan: Family Fun Cont.

In my previous post, I mentioned how the Roland Family was reunited in Hoxie, Kan. a couple weeks ago. Here are some more photos from our weekend together. Last year, we began using a stripper header at our stop in Hoxie to accommodate one of our farmers. Low and behold, the stripper header made it back for another Kansas harvest.

Cutting away
The stripper header in action for the first time all summer.

Stripper header stubble
I still can’t get over how different the stubble looks.

Megan showing off stubble from the stripper header
Can you believe how tall the stubble remains? To put it in perspective, I’m 5’10”!

Grain cart in prime position
Justin waits in a prime position with the grain cart.

Grain cart path
This particular field has been nicknamed by our family as “Mount Everest.” The unique shape and numerous terraces make for some challenging combining. It is easiest to cut the field into different sections, which can often leave the grain cart operator feeling like a mouse trapped in a maze. Dad is always good about creating a nifty cross road (shown above) so the grain cart has a straight shot back to the truck.

Matt tarping the truck
Ashley tops off the truck while Matt prepares to tarp it.

Where's the combine?
“I spy with my little eye… something yellow.” If you squint really hard into the dust you can barely spot the combine cutting away. Without a trace of wind, the dust just hangs in the air.

Tired Augie
Augie proves that it’s a tough life being a harvest dog.

Wire in the field
Uh-oh! Wire encounters in the wheat field are never a good thing. It took less than 5 seconds for the stripper header to get tangled up in this mess. How the wire got in the middle of the field remains a mystery to everyone. Luckily, with Dad’s pliers we were free in a matter of minutes.

All that wire
The aftermath from the wire incident.

Crew 2014
After much persuasion I finally convinced the crew to pose for a photo in their new All Aboard Wheat Harvest t-shirts. Matt, Dad, Brandon, Jose, and Justin truly were troopers!

Dad being boss
Of course we had to get one with the boss (Dad) showing off his “crew” (Justin, Brandon, Jose, and Matt).

Crew plus Megan
Even though I haven’t been on the road full time this summer, I still consider myself a part of the crew. Above: Justin, Brandon, Megan, Alan, Jose, and Matt.

Crew messing around
I wish I could share the camera roll of the 30+ pictures that it took to capture our “normal” crew photos. All you need to know is that these boys are hilarious and incredibly amusing. I think this one pretty much sums up our photo session!

New Holland Support T-shirt
Thanks to Monte and the New Holland Harvest Support gang we now have these slick t-shirts to sport as well. Brandon teased me about the wardrobe change, but hey, he did it!

Preparing for family photos
It also took our family a few times to get it right. In the end, Augie Dog gave up on us.

Family photo
Finally, a 2014 Roland Family Harvest Photo: Kurt, Ashley, Mom, Dad, Megan, and Brandon. Roland Harvesting has proudly owned and operated New Holland combines for over 35 years!

Graincart on the horizon
The tractor and grain cart gaining a little spot light at dusk.

Golden wheat
Of course, the combine takes all the glory as it glides through the golden wheat field.

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