Steph: Busy Harvest Days

StephNEW_thumbnailHarvest has gotten into full swing here in Hemingford, Neb. We have been able to get started in the morning and, with the help of a pleasant breeze come dusk, we can continue to cut well into the night. In the words of Brandon, “I liked today. We got a lot done.” We have been seeing yields from the 30s on up into the 60s for dry land and in the 80s with a touch in the 90s for irrigated.

Last night we had a storm come dangerously close to our field. We got to experience quite the light show and winds fit for the Land of Oz. Before I left town to head back to the field, I was hearing all sorts of warnings and alarms over the radio for severe weather heading our way. Our field is 15 miles out of town so I figured there was no way we could still be harvesting. I radio-ed out to the Chief (dad) and turns out, he was still goings strong! Driving out to the field felt like driving into the heart of a storm. Nothing like front row seats to watch the storm! We found out this morning that there was a tornado that touched down just 4 miles from our field; that makes us a bunch of daredevils, right?

So, I can’t seem to find the book I was reading. It has been missing for almost 2 weeks now. Thankfully we have been busy enough to where I haven’t had much time to read. Ironically, I was reading The Book Thief, so riddle me that one.

Quote of the Day: “My union card is punched, I’m done for the day.” (said with sarcasm because this is harvest, everyone knows better)

Harvest Tip: Keep a weather eye on the horizon.

Cows and windmills.

Cows and windmills.

Full hopper.

Got a full hopper there, daddy-o.


Beautiful sample.

Beautiful sample.

Hanging out in the hopper, checking out the action.

Hanging out in the hopper of the semi to get a better look at the action.

Thank you, sports mode.

Thank you sports mode.

It has been Petey and I against the harvest.

It has been me and Petey against the harvest. Busy trucking with good wheat!

Here comes the storm.

Here comes the storm.

Coming up the hill.

Coming over the hill.

Harvest is even more fun when the wheat is good.

Got some hay bales as an audience.

Hay bales are our harvest audience.

Sunset montage...go.

A little more of a bird’s eye view from the top of the semi.

Gotta love irrigated.

Gotta love the irrigated.

Getting after it.

More sunset beauty.

Another beautiful ending to a busy harvest day.

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