Z Crew: Weekend Work

headshot2Jordan, MT: The weather hasn’t been cooperating since we pulled into Jordan a week ago but Mom and Dad have still been able to get a little wheat cut. A storm came through a few nights ago and quite a few farms northwest of town got hail. Luckily we were able to avoid that side of the storm. The wheat is average to above average for the area but only as long as it’s cut before the hail!

It’s come time for Callie and I to head back home. Today we will load up our belongings and make the 900 mile drive to eastern Nebraska. Callie starts school the 14th and I’ll start my sophomore year of college after Labor Day. The next few weeks will definitely be spent job hunting!

It breaks my heart that this has been the shortest summer on record for Callie and I. We left Nebraska on July 6th and will leave Montana on August 6th. It just doesn’t seem possible that our summer has already come to an end. I will continue to post on All Aboard with updates from Mom but it just won’t be the same when I’m not part of the action. Speaking of Mom… a huge shoutout to her for letting me use her photos below!

Z Crew: Welcome Back

Long time customer and friend, Jennifer O’Connor left this hand scribbled message for us as we pulled into her yard.  

Z Crew: Camp Ground

It seemed like it took forever to set up the trailer house…maybe it’s because I was anxious to see my friends. 

Z Crew: Yellow beast

The very next day Mom and Dad were in the field. The cutting isn’t fast by any means but it’s cutting none the less. 

Z Crew: Grain Truck

As Mom unloads into the grain truck, it’s interesting to think about these old trucks being the norm. Our large semis today make a huge difference in our industry.

Z Crew: Storms Moving In

Although Jordan hasn’t had hardly any rainfall in the last year we’ve been fighting the moisture since we pulled up.

Z Crew: WHEAT!


Z Crew: Concert Goers

I started second grade here in Jordan, MT. The very first day of school I met Seanna (far right) and we’ve been pretty inseparable since. I didn’t make it to Jordan last summer for the first time in my life and ended up making a 600 mile road trip last November to visit her at college. I spent the night at her house and we woke up the next morning and booked a flight for her to visit me in Nebraska in a few months. It’s friendships like this that I would’ve never made if it weren’t for our summer job.  

Z Crew: Josh Turner

Saturday night, I accompanied Charlie (center, picture above) and Seanna to Sidney, Mont. for a Josh Turner concert. We had a blast. It was definitely a highlight of the summer! 

Z Crew: Opening a Field

Meanwhile back in Jordan, Mom and Dad were trying to get wheat cut. I was given quite the hard time about my summer being more of a vacation than work!

Z Crew: Montana Terrain

Montana has some pretty interesting terrain on the east side of the state. It’s much different than the Midwest!  

Z Crew: Moving Fields

Moving fields may take a couple trips if they have to take off the header.  

Z Crew: Storms

Storms have moved in and we’ve been sitting for the last couple days. It’s always a game with the weather.

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