All Aboard Harvest | MacDon Harvest Kick-off Breakfast
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MacDon Harvest Kick-off Breakfast

The time is flying! I am a little behind because we have been so busy around here. I guess it really is harvest season! Here’s what we were up to a little over a week ago.
MacDon is a well known name for agricultural equipment. Many harvesters all around the world use this equipment in thier business to get the job done. Every year, MacDon hosts a breakfast and seminar introducing new equipment, and helping their customers’ needs along the harvest trail. Many major manufacturers including MacDon, take this route as harvesters do, supporting us along the way with any repair needs we may have to have. They call it ‘Harvest Support’. Mom, Dan, Leslie and I were able to go to this seminar, join in the nice breakfast they served, and see a lot of our harvest friends. Thank you to MacDon for hosting and for all you do for harvesters, farmers and the world along the dusty trail!

Emma: Harvest Kick Off
Emma: Harvest Kick Off
Emma: Harvest Kick Off
Emma: Harvest Kick Off
Leslie is excited to be here!

Emma: Harvest Kick Off

Be safe and God bless!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agricultrue
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