Who likes predictable, anyway?

St. Francis, Kansas—I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend! Osowski Ag Service spent it out in the field doing nothing more American than harvesting a beautiful wheat crop. Well, it feels American (and normal) to us anyway.

We have a little bit longer haul these last couple of days, and with these yields we have been seeing, two semis versus one semi and one tandem seemed like the better way to go. This means that I’ve been driving our blue Peterbilt instead of Purple. This also means that the length of my rig has doubled, going from a 22-foot box to a 42-foot hopper bottom trailer. The best way I’ve found to describe this difference is in relating it to putting your foot in a shoe that is much too big for you; you love the shoe but it just feels a little awkward. My turns had to be a little wider and my awareness turned on a little higher but all in all, I think we get along just fine.

The wheat we have been cutting has continued to be superb, with test weights between 62 and 64 pounds and yields in the 60s. Farmer Randy is one happy farmer. Thunderheads have been surrounding us at our fields the last couple nights but they have yet to affect our progress…until last night. We were just finishing up a field and preparing to make the long haul to the next when Mom pipes up saying she had just checked the radar and by the looks of it, our next field was getting watered. Our plan for the night was quickly flip-flopped, going from moving equipment to the next field to heading home and calling it a night. Oh, the unpredictable world of a custom harvester.

Quote of the Day“When freedom calls, you let it ring.”

Stuff Harvesters Like—When harvest friends show up to camp by us in between their own harvest stops. (Always great to spend time with Russell Harvesting!)

Brandon using autosteer.

Farmer Randy.

Riding around in the grain cart with Farmer Randy is always entertaining.

Trucks all lined up.

That’s a lot of blue in one photo.

Heading back in.





Unloading action.

Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad joking around before we enjoy a tailgate supper.

Our buddy Brady and Brandon enjoying supper.

Our buddy Brady from Russell Harvesting and Brandon enjoying supper.

Dad and Farmer Randy.

Farmer and Randy and Dad.

Wheeler elevator.

The elevator in Wheeler, Kansas. I only had to make a few trips but it was great to meet everyone there!

Ready to unload.

Blue in the elevator.

The elevator guys workin' hard.

The great elevator workers at the St. Francis Equity.

Blue at sunset.

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