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No news

All Aboard Wheat Harvest Laura HaffnerNortheast Colorado—Sometimes no news is good news, but right now, no new postings from High Plains Harvesting means no news is no news. We went from having the harvest facet on full blast to not even a trickle. The temperatures are unseasonably cool and spotty showers have kept the moisture of the wheat high. The majority of the crew is in northeastern Colorado, and we hope that tomorrow’s warmer temperatures will help get the ball rolling again. They’ve been keeping busy with a little repair work, hauling, R&R, or a little of all of the above. On top of normal responsibilities, for Ryan and me there’s never any shortage of “office” work that needs to be tackled! So, in summary, we’re just trying to make the best use of our time while we’re not in the field.

While I don’t have any photos this round, Mark did share a funny story. While out for dinner last night, two of our crew members got to try Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time. Apparently the initial response to learning what they were was a big-eyed, “No way!” when asked to try them. However, they finally gave it a shot and liked them so much, they had two full plates each (it was all you can eat night)! Now, that is quite the turnaround from their initial response! I’m glad they were able to make some fun memories and try a Midwestern “delicacy” while in the States!

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