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Can we take a rain check on the rain, please?

Burkburnett, TX– “I just saw a fish swim across the road.” That was the statement I heard from Ryan when I called to check in mid-day on Thursday. I didn’t really need to hear any more. That more than answered my question. Apparently it was just as wet as our weather app had indicated earlier that morning.


A photo from Ryan’s field tours.

Our exciting start to harvest came to an abrupt halt about as quickly as it began. Agriculture is such a fickle thing. We want rain, but only at certain times and certain amounts. We need good heat for growing conditions, but not too hot that everything burns up. Don’t even get me started on the wind!


Not a harvest friendly forecast!

It felt like we were starting to repeat 2015. It was very hard to sit and watch the rain . After all, the wheat wasn’t getting any greener up north. There were things to work on while we waited, but it felt like I was doing it to the Jeopardy theme song, or a clock ticking loudly in my head.

I knew this too would pass, it was just a matter of when.


I think we have a photo nearly identical to this from last season. This is all apart of the adventure, but I wish we were replicating photos from the field, not the puddles!

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