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Riding Shotgun

Burns Flat, OK, Sentinel, OK, and Sweetwater, OK — Wow! Harvest is SO busy! Every year I am still surprised at how busy harvest can be. It literally has been non-stop cutting, minus two rain delays since we started. You have to have stamina to be a harvester for sure. Nearly every night ends about an hour and a half after the sunsets (as you know the sun sets in the summertime a LOT later) and the mornings begin around 7-7:30 am. Long hours, little sleep and great fun: that’s what harvest is about. The long hours and no sleep part can get old really fast but we have to remember that this is our livelihood. This is our farmers livelihood and we have to do the work when there is work to be done. We are fortunate that the good Lord has blessed us with work so we will take the opportunity He has given us, head on, with all the strength we can muster to continue on. Hard work + determination = success. There is no other way to be than our motto my Dad and Mom came up with years ago: ‘We’re Dependable because we Care.’ We do care and that’s why we continue on. 
This past month been hard but it has also been fun. Lots of grand-kids have come out to ride and experience harvest again. Maybe someday they will want to continue this way of life, who knows? But unless you plant a seed and pray that it will grow, it won’t have the opportunity. Get your kids out there and teach them what you know. Don’t you want them learning from the best and not what the distorted media today tells them? It’s up to us to stand up for us. No one will do that for us.

Be safe and God bless!

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