Laura: Texas Summary

North Texas – The kids were both asleep by a tick after eight this evening. Those reading who know them well, understand that this is nothing short of a miracle. I had the camper tidied by nine, which is another miracle as it’s usually well after ten or eleven before I finish that. I don’t know how its possible with only four people, and so few belongings, but it often looks like squirrel family took up residence by the end of the day.  It seems two of the four, actually maybe one, not naming names, is the prime suspect. Now, I’m going to utilize these rare quiet moments and get caught up on the blog!

We are nearing the end of our time in Texas. In fact, Mark and some of the crew moved to Custer County, Oklahoma, and were able to start there Wednesday, May 31. The rest of us remain in north Texas but will join them in a few short days.

Texas has afforded a wide variety of training opportunities due to the conditions presented for our crew newbies, but we wish for our producers’ sake, things weren’t quite so adverse. We’ve been able to be quite efficient here though some speed was due to acres affected after weather-related issues. After two years of excessive moisture negatively effecting yields (think the rain/flooding of the last two years), some of the same farmers were hit with hail, and several of those fields were completely zeroed out. It has been tough not only for some producers but also for harvesters, because we don’t get hail insurance for acres not cut. Others have been a more fortunate and have missed the poor weather.

We have seen a range of yields during our time south of the Red River. Numbers have been around 16 bushels per acre all the way up over 60 bushels per acre. Test weights have been strong across the board in the 58-65 pounds per bushel. Yes, you read correctly: 65 pounds/bushel.

John Deere Harvest Support has been great to work with the last several days in regards to trouble shooting and customer service. We’ve had a few minor issues that we wanted checked out, and they’ve been right out. They even met us midway with a part the other night. It’s nice to know they have your back when needed!

The Shelbourne guys visited last week. One of their new crew members rode with us for a day as part of his training.

Below are some photos from myself and the crew:

HPH 2017 - Ryan

The trucks proudly displayed the stars and stripes on Memorial Day in honor of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. (Credit: Ryan)

HPH-2017 (Laura)

A little something extra for the guys on Memorial Day. (Credit: Laura)

HPH 2017 (Laura - Mark and the crew servicing)

Stopped in on the crew with Mark the other morning to deliver a part, and they were hard at work servicing machines. (Credit: Laura)

HPH 2017 (Laura)

If you’re in the right place at the wrong time, Laura may ask to take your picture! Stefan was that day’s victim. (Credit: Laura)

HPH 2017

Little Man may not get to ride/drive everyday, but when he does, he knows its going to be a good day! (Credit: Laura)


One never knows what equipment will be needed in the field. Variety is best. (Credit: Laura)

HPH - 2017

Thou who provideth the most photos gainth the most publicity. Hence why it seems Pieter and Albert are the current poster boys of HPH! Haha! I can’t say for sure what was going on here, but it appears they may have been working on their tans. (Submitted by Albert)

HPH - 2017

A little unloading action from Pieter.

HPH - 2017

In formation. (Credit: Pieter)

HPH - 2017

Look at that gorgeous crop. Great weed control in this field! (Credit: Pieter)

HPH 2017-Pieter

Mirror shot. (Credit: Pieter)

HPH 2017- From Burt

Burt contributed this photo with the caption, “Clean crop, happy combine!”

HPH 2017 - Headed to OK (Willem)

Willem shared this photo of the crew en route to Oklahoma.


HPH-Headed to OK (Willem)

Another shot from Willem.


HPH-2017 (Mark)

Mark sent this shot in of the crew cutting in Oklahoma.

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