Tracy: A Surprise, Much-Needed Rain

yellow rose

In the past, this “rose-ometer” would give us a blaring reminder that it was time to head south. About the time it was in full-force blooming, we were headed out the driveway. Not this year.

Manley, Nebraska – This morning, I grabbed my cup of coffee, checked email, Facebook, Twitter and then just sat in my chair looking out the window at a tree in the yard. The images I see all over social media are of combines…and wheat fields. And I’m feeling a bit left out of the “fun”. I think the invitation to the party was mailed and it got lost – or at least a bit diverted for now.

We’re hoping to get started with our summer wheat journey approximately June 15. Because of the severe drought in Texas, we lost every acre we had planned on. Had counted on. Typically, I would not be sitting in my chair in Manley, Nebraska looking out the window wondering what the day holds. Typically, we would be either on the road heading south or sitting in a wheat field. Typically.

view through my window

My view from the chair this morning.

We’re hoping to pick up new acres that will allow us to head for Kansas about June 15 – near Great Bend. And, if our usual acres in Garden City hold on, we’ll be there after that. Beyond Garden City…it will be a new adventure. I touched on our issues for 2018 in my latest post on my personal blog.

Campout in the backyard

Just because – a campout in the backyard is always fun. I couldn’t convince Jim or Callie to join us but Eli, Nora and I had a fun night in the tent!

Campout in the backyard

A real camp out means cooking a hotdog over the campfire…right?

Its days like this those negative, drought-filled thoughts start trying to take hold. I hope I’m not the only one that hears them. And I’m certain yours are different than mine.  And, sometimes, I start believing them…but then it rains.

Much like the earth, we humans need a little rain once in a while. There’s a clear connection between the harvester and rain (and I’m not meaning the wet stuff that falls from the sky) . Have you thought about that? I had not until this morning – until I received my life-giving shower. Rain rules the life of a harvester – both the wet stuff and the words that are sometimes needed to be heard.

Cottage on wheels

There she sits – the Cottage on Wheels – waiting to be packed for the summer.

traveling garden

My traveling flower garden is ready to travel!

Our backyard was beginning to look like August – not the third week of May. I don’t have to talk dryness and drought to people who are living it. They know this feeling all too well! They’ve had to look out their window at the dry, brown, brittle grass (and crops) for far too long. They need rain – desperately.  Unless they’ve had support and encouragement somewhere along the way, I’m certain their moods – their souls – are in the same desperate state of needing rain.

Agriculture is not an easy place to be at right now. Period. I’m not sure that I can honestly give any big revelations that haven’t already been revealed – low commodity prices, weather, the typical battle of government regulations and people who just don’t get it.

Jordan cactus

The last time we stayed in the campground in Jordan, Montana, I dug one of these cactus and planted it. It has now grown to three and blesses me with these beautiful flowers every summer. It’s interesting…I leave them outside over the winter and they shrink way down. As soon as it warms up, they plump right back up and show off their colors.


One good reason for not being gone yet – I get to enjoy the beauty of my yard. This iris has a name…Thunderbird.

I’m here to remind you today what God tells us when we get discouraged and the negative voices want to take over…don’t listen to them! Just don’t. God wants us all to persevere and continue. He will empower us to accomplish whatever it is He has called us to do.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

We received a surprise, much-needed rain on Monday evening. There was no chance of rain and all at once, the clouds turned dark, the thunder rolled and the rain began to fall. The yard, the corn, the soybeans, the trees…everything…received some much needed help in the form of water from the sky. It’s all the yard needed to start showing life again…to turn green again.

We, too, need those surprise, much-needed showers in our lives. Be the one to offer encouragement and positive support to someone who is experiencing drought in their lives. You never know when that phone call or smile or even a quick email, asking how they are, will provide them with that life-giving shower.  I received mine today in the form of a phone call from someone I never expected. He was able to water my soul and put those negative voices back where they belong – for now.

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