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Northwest Kansas – The last few weeks before departure are when things just feel weird. I’m stuck in the middle of two worlds, non-harvest and harvest.  There are so many things I must do or line up to leave, but most of my list can’t be done until 24 hours before heading out.  A person must keep living, the yard’s grass doesn’t stop growing, laundry keeps piling up, and mail doesn’t stop coming for this seemingly invisible deadline.

Luckily, we can work on preparations of the crew in advance.  In fact, some of this season’s work began before the end of the 2017 season, specifically paperwork which is never in short supply. Next we begin lining up employees for the season in the winter, equipment is traded or purchased if needed, tax prep, repairs and updates are just a few of the activities taking place in the off season. In all honesty, the only thing “off” is that we’re not cutting, otherwise it is full speed ahead!

Leave time is usually the great unknown.  People start asking months in advance when we think we’ll be leaving for the season, and then the questions in casual conversation pick up in May.  Invitations for various activities in May usually get the RSVP of, “We would love to come if we are still here!”  Talk about feeling flakey all the time.  Thankfully I have people in my life who tolerate this.

Before we know it, the magic words are spoken that it is time to head out.  A rush of activity takes place and somehow everything gets on the road and out the door.  I’m not sure how, but it always gets done.  Below are some of the things we’ve checked off our to do list!

HPH-2018 (Mark) Prep
Decals on and the truck is ready to roll! (Photo Credit: Mark)

HPH-2018 (Mark) Prep
Crew members do a little work to a stripper header. (Photo credit: Mark)

Argh! Why is my camper the place flies go to die in the winter?  Tell me I’m not the only one who gets this nasty surprise each spring! This is one reason I wait to deep clean just prior to leaving so its nice and fresh for the road! (Photo credit: Laura)

Good as new! Nothing a carpet shampooer and elbow can’t fix! (Photo credit: Laura)

I bought these books while on Tracy Zeorian’s “Together Lifted and Uplifted” harvest retreat (more on this amazing experience later)! The kids will be excited to discover new reading material in the camper house. (Photo credit: Laura)

HPH-2018 (Laura) Prep
Getting stocked up on treats for the road. Not as healthy selection as I would like but I went for anything novel that stand a chance of keeping littles happy and mom sane on the road. Oh, the cat food and litter is for my folks who thankfully are willing to keep our favorite feline while we are on the road in the summers. Just wanted to clarify so before you think cat food was one of the novel treats for the kids! Ha! (Photo credit: Laura)

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