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Laura: Trucks

South Central Montana: Harvest continues out here in south central Montana. As mentioned in a previous post, we are hauling into onsite bins. Therefore, protein and test weights aren’t available. Yield ranges have been in the 70s. These are dryland acres.

I thought it was time the truckers got a little post. Usually the combines, tractors and grain carts get a lot of attention, because they’re physically harvesting the wheat. Trucks have the a very important role, too, of transporting the grain to a storage facility. For those readers not as familiar with the process, our drivers need a CDL (commercial drivers license) for harvest. Passing the written, walk around, and driving test is not exactly a walk in the park. I don’t intend on ever letting mine expire! They also have the responsibility of driving a heavy load though rural and urban areas. We want our drivers to be safe for themselves as well as for those around them.

If the wheat is poor, things are slow for the driver. If the wheat is yielding well or the haul long, they may be on a continuous circle between the field and bins/elevator. They also have the opportunity to meet more people through their interaction with the elevator personnel.

Some employees prefer to drive only truck, only field equipment, or a combination of both. If possible, we prefer that our employees all have the ability to drive truck, in addition to the other equipment. This adds flexibility to the team.

Below are some pictures of our truckers who happened to be in the field at the same time I had my camera out.

High Plains Harvesting 2018
One of the red trucks. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
James watching the tractor operater fill his truck. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
Hey there, Leigh! (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
A truck pulling in for another load. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
Getting ready to load. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
The wheat was great on this day. Two trucks loading at once. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
Loading the truck. (Photo by Laura)

High Plains Harvesting 2018
The trucks are nice, but what about that beautiful Montana scenery? (Photo by Laura)

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  • Rita Bennett
    Posted at 08:09h, 14 August

    Are those chains on the back of brain cart? For pulling out of mud? Or transporting the down?

    • Laura Haffner
      Posted at 13:27h, 14 August

      Hi Rita! Those are very large ropes used for pulling stuck machines/trucks out of mud or soft soils. Great question!

  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 20:31h, 14 August

    That Montana scenery is Mint,,Wow 70bu. wheat !! What made you choose Corn Binders (International ) trucks over KW or Pete’s, Volvo, are they auto shift? Cat,Cummins or Detroit for power ? Thanks so much for the truck’n side of Harvesting . You have to keep the Combines going.