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Laura: The price

Kansas, Montana, North Dakota: The littles and I recently traveled home from the harvest trail. With a day and a half shy of being away for four weeks, a pile of office work would surely be waiting, and routines needed to be implemented prior to school starting. It takes a little bit to transfer from harvest time to home time! The worlds are completely different.

As you would expect by now, I had to take advantage of our location and decided to bypass the quicker interstate route for a slightly longer one through the Black Hills and surrounding areas. Some highlights included Devil’s Tower, Crazy House, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and others. We had an excellent time, but we were SO glad to see our local water tower on the horizon when we finally got close to town. There truly is no place like home!

While the kids and I feel grateful to have had so many amazing adventures this summer, it does come with a price. Separation. Today marks three weeks apart with more to come. Even in season when we are on the road, family time is often limited. It starts in late March or April with prep and will continue to varying degrees through December. It’s a tough cycle because if you hope for and get some extra time, it likely means the weather is poor for cutting which has implications. It may also mean that acres are down maybe due to weather, etc., and that can have serious consequences for the business. Since our season is only for a set number of months out of the year, you literally must “make hay while the sun shines”, and somehow hold on for the ride.

We aren’t the only ones affected. Depending on where the crew is from, they may be looking at days, weeks and even months away from family and friends. Everyone must learn the best way to deal with the separation and it effects everyone differently. It also changes season to season depending on what life throws a person’s way. One must consider this important factor before committing to the potential adventure of a lifetime.

Below are a few pictures from our latest travels.

2018 High Plains Harvesting
Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
I doubt they’re as cuddly as they look! Check out those claws! (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
This deer kindly posed for use in South Dakota. (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
We enjoyed our time at the Crazy Horse Memorial. (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
Mt. Rushmore was a hit as well. (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
I’m thankful for the invention of tripods so I can get a picture in with my kids from time to time. We loved the views in the Badlands! (Photo by Laura)

2018 High Plains Harvesting
What kid, or adult for that matter, doesn’t love a good splash in a waterfall? (Photo by Laura)

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