All Aboard Harvest | Laura: Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children – Special Visitors
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Laura: Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children – Special Visitors

North Central Texas—Yesterday we had a group of amazing women out to visit the crew. Through our involvement with All Aboard Wheat Harvest we have not only gotten to know some of the personnel from our sponsor, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, but the young people who live there. It has become something I look forward to each summer.

The girls arrived full of energy, ready to participate and were fun to talk to. They seemed most eager to share about their work on the farm at their home in Madill. The students have experience caring for and showing animals and you could tell there was pride in that. One interesting fact I learned was the girls can keep the winnings from their show animals. How awesome is that? They learn skills to prepare them for life and have a little savings built up to give them a start!

During our visit, the girls got to see the machines in action and see them prep for a move. We served lunch to the crew members and ate together in the field. They had the opportunity to climb up in the machines and try their hand at rolling the tarp on the truck. This year, our crew members are from the U.S. and a variety of other countries, so the girls and Rick (their sponsor), got to meet people with a wide variety of life experiences. Little Man and Lady A also enjoyed hanging out with our guests!

For those of you that are new to the program, Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children is a nonprofit organization that provides support to at-risk youth and their families, as well as single mothers. This may be through residential living programs or other ministries. They have several campuses throughout Oklahoma, and while they may be slightly different, they all focus on giving their students support and skills needed for life in a Christian atmosphere. Because they do not take government funding, they depend on outside support. One way to support the program is through the “10 Acre Challenge” which encourages producers to set aside a portion of their crop to be donated to OBHC. While ten acres is the suggested amount, the organization appreciates donations of any size no matter how large or small. If you are interested in supporting the cause in ways other than financial, there may be opportunities to volunteer time and they also acknowledge the importance of prayer warriors!

Thanks again for making the drive to visit High Plains Harvesting! We hope you continue to have a fun and adventurous summer!

High Plains Harvesting 2019
The first stop of the day was to deliver lunch and check out the machines.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Hanging out in the tractor!

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Trying out the combine.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Posing with the green machine.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Little Man was so excited to show the girls the wheat.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Lady A made a new friend!

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Getting a lesson in tarp rolling from crew members.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Giving it a go! 

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Team work!

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Seat time in the truck.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
Cottage friends.

High Plains Harvesting 2019
I am thankful to have been able to meet this group of young women! I wish them all the best in their futures. (Photo by Rick.)

All Aboard Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and John Deere. Laura can be reached at

  • marcy mcclelland
    Posted at 12:10h, 29 June

    Good looking group of women, thankful that you could show them how wheat is harvested.

    • Laura Haffner
      Posted at 11:03h, 02 July

      Its always a joy to meet this group!

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