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Laura: Growth Happens Outside the Field Too!

North Texas—There is so much to learn about hard work and grit from watching and participating in harvest. However, there’s also something to be said for the growth that happens outside the field for the littlest of harvesters.

The children are old enough now to have and be interested in friends. We have a great neighborhood and friends around town, so this year, it was a bit tough for them to leave the familiar routine despite being super excited about harvest. However, that discomfort opens the door for life lessons to be taught.

It is not always easy to put yourself out there at any stage of life but is a skill needed by everyone. As you know from past seasons, I try hard to incorporate activities into our day to day road lives whether that be library functions, church, museums, etc. This year, when digging for enrichment ideas, I discovered a local church was having VBS (Vacation Bible School). We have attended services there several times over the years so the kids can learn about different denominations and worship styles and their music team is out of this world! However, this wasn’t just any church, it is more of a “mega” church style, and a far cry from the smaller, more familiar setting back home! I presented the idea of attending VBS to Little Man—Lady A didn’t meet the age requirement this year—and with a nervous heart, he bravely agreed to go. The first drop off was a little tough as we navigated the swarms of people in the huge education center, but at pick up, I was greeted by a little guy who was proud of himself for taking the plunge and was excited to attend the next day! At then end of the week’s session, he was already talking about next year!

Sometimes growth is scary and uncomfortable. Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back. It is a process and worth the effort. I’m thankful for the opportunities presented on the road to allow our children to take steps into maturity!

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Little Man is sporting an animal mask he made at VBS. The theme this year was “In the Wild!” We are so thankful for the church’s welcoming spirit!

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